What’s the optimal way
to increase profits?

Pulse gives you
the tools
to analyse data





The data leads to
actionable insights

Profit through Data

Optimise Sales

  • Is your focus on high margins or revenue?
  • Is your pricing based on cost or what the market will bear?
  • Is there a better way to compensate your sales team?
  • Are there areas where conversion can be improved?
  • How do you compare with competitors?

Client Retention

  • Are you getting a good level of repeat business?
  • Do your customers refer for you?
  • Are your client services efficient?
  • How is your customer services rated?


This area is particularly industry specific but could include:

  • Cost / claims handling efficiencies
  • Fulfilment and returns handling
  • Logistics efficiencies
  • Manufacturing efficiencies


  • What’s your ROI trend?
  • How does your profit % compare to the industry?
  • Is your cash utilisation efficient?
  • Do the owners take too much/little out of the business?

What Makes Pulse Different?


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